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The Fitness Express Manhattan program is fun, fast, and it produces results quickly. It is based upon interval fitness express manhattan 1training, whereby every 45 seconds our members alternate between strength training machines, and fun exercise stations. You can begin anywhere in the circuit and start exercising at your own pace.

You will burn lots of calories and strengthen your muscles in half the time of most gym workouts.  You will look and feel better quickly and safely.  Anyone at any fitness level can do the Fitness Express Manhattan program.

You will lose body fat faster than any other 30 minute workout.  The Fitness Express Manhattan program burns fat 3 ways:

•    You burn more calories during your workout. Our equipment utilizes the entire muscle-action spectrum resulting in more muscle gain.  Our competition uses “hydraulic” equipment utilizing concentric muscle contractions ONLY — which is less effective. Have you reached your hydraulic plateau?  You’ll keep losing with us!
•    You burn more calories immediately following your session (the body’s metabolism stays elevated for a period of time after a workout). Following exercise, the body must utilize increased amounts of oxygen to replenish energy supplies, lower tissue temperature, and return the body to a resting state.  This is known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).
•    You will increase lean muscle and therefore permanently increase metabolism around-the-clock.  A pound of muscle will burn about 50 calories per day more than a pound of fat.

The Fitness Express Manhattan program is a total body strength and cardiovascular workout.  It’s geared for beginners through advanced, and is also excellent for cross-training by keeping your workout creative and challenging. This exercise program will not let you down!

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